The Walking Dead Masking Tape Zombie Arm Craft

Squeeeee! If you heard two girls screaming at the top of their lungs last night, it was just my neighbor and I watching The Walking Dead season 3 premiere. I’d apologize but I’m pretty sure we couldn’t help our screeches of horror because the suspense was amazing! Plus the makeup and special FX are incredibly real, which got me thinking….. Those special FX and makeup people are pretty darn crafty aren’t they? I bet they got into professional blood in gore with innocent little crafts like this Walking Dead Masking Tape Zombie Arm craft!

If you are a zombie enthusiast or you just want to protect your candy I suggest you grab some saran wrap, masking tape, paint and your arm!
Sure it’s not as sophisticated as your Hollywood professionals but it sure is crafty! Now if for some reason one of my readers is in fact working on the Walking Dead I would like to put in my plea for a tour of the Walking Dead special  FX department. I’d simply die for a chance to do that ;)

Craft On.

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