I’m generally not one to share stories that don’t involve some sort of creativity but I figured since everyone else is comfortable showing off their uteruses on Facebook then I could comfortably flash my mammogram which reveals a NON-cancerous breast lump. Can I get a hallelujah?
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Like most people growing something foreign in their bodies I was nervous about my Larry. Was he healthy? Was he growing too fast? Was it so normal for him to be so large and so hard? And here’s the question that drastically diverges from the maternity analogy – “Is Larry going to kill me?” a question that circled our brains in the weeks leading up to my mammogram and ultrasound appointment.

Naturally Cliff and I tried our best to hide Larry and the stress that he had brought to our lives which was not an easy fete since Larry is basically a baseball trapped inside my B-cup breast. Yet, somehow we carried on with work and writing our craft book (due out in October this year!) and held tightly onto the statistics, which are in my favor (age 32/ healthy). It’s not very often that I love numbers so much!

I must tell you that this was not my first mammogram and ultrasound. Nope. Cliff and I had to endure the same stress three years back for a smaller grape sized lump in the same spot which never really came back with any conclusive results. Luckily that little mystery was solved yesterday when we found out that my previous little lump was actually baby Larry, a benign lump that decided to grow and grow and grow. Who knew the gestation on Larry lump would be three years? Anyhoo, we found out that big Larry is most likely a Fibroadenoma and I will be having him surgically removed in the next few months. A stressful subject that I will tackle when the date is confirmed.

In the meantime I’d like to acknowledge those brave women who have battled and are battling breast cancer. They are the ones that gave me the strength to breakthrough my fears and take the necessary steps to take care of myself. They are the reason you should take extra care of yourself too.

Craft On.

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