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Hand Make My Day was started back in the 1980’s, a time when Andrea and Cliff  had not yet met but still shared a deep desire to hack apart furniture and blow up toys with illegal fireworks. Friends and Family say that Hand Make My Day really started to come together in 2005 when Andrea and Cliff made their love official in the backyard of a friends house (we’re talking marriage people). Some still speculate that Hand Make My day was actually created in 2011 just after the retirement of Craft-Tastic LIVE a year and half adventure of weekly internet craft broadcasts.  The Currie’s will vehemently protest that Hand Make My day was actually founded in 1980’s along side other great brands such as MTV, Swatch, Magnum P.I and Def Leppard.

Andrea Currie AKA Ms. Craft-Tastic
“I’m best known in the crafting industry as Ms. Craft-Tastic but I journey into alternate creative universes by way of my artistic tendencies and ability to completely hack apart everyday things just for the fun of it. I dream of swimming in a pool full of glitter and preoccupy myself with the nuances of creating fabulous things from nearly nothing. I’m married to the most amazing man who has no problem laughing at and with me. A boring life we do not live. Enough about me though. What about you? Want to make something?”

Cliff Currie AKA Mr. ManMade
“What does a film degree + a healthy appetite for all things geek = ?? I don’t know, that’s why I was asking you! What I do know is that I’m obsessed with all things vintage military, aviation ohh and anything with buttons. Not like fashion crafty buttons but like keyboard buttons. Andrea is the creative director in our life and I’m the meat-head that puts it all together. Ok, I’m creative too but just in a totally different way which is why Hand Make My Day is so great! We’ve built Hand Make My day as a platform where we can duke out our creative differences as well as sound off about our creative lifestyle. I don’t hold my breath for much but I’d be lying if I said I don’t fantasize about piloting a helicopter painted like a bumble bee.”

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